York Toyota help local man on his test day!

After preparing for his Advanced Driving Test for months Mr Simpson was looking forward to getting his test done and dusted. Unfortunately for Joe, things weren’t quite going to go to plan. He shared his eventful day in a humorous Facebook post.
After four AM start, as nerves were getting to him, Mr Simpson was ready to start his day. Being the all-important 'Advanced Driving Test' day Joe decided to check his tyre pressures. Good idea:

   "Having driven over to Asda at Monks Cross I am in the process of removing the valve caps in order to facilitate a quicker check of all the pressures and had moved to the nearside rear wheel whereupon I found what appeared to be a nail sticking out of the sidewall. Tyre knackered, not salvageable. Now at this stage, my test is a little over 2 hrs away, and cursing loud enough to register on the Richter scale I resist the foolish temptation to pull this damn thing out. I am now driving an MOT failure, so no test at this point, something I've been working towards for around 2 months now."

Joe rushed home to change for his test and headed off for our centre, Toyota York to the rescue:

   "MASSIVE shout out to those guys who didn't hang around, having explained my situation fully they got me straight in, removed 8'' of 'nail' from my tyre, and replaced the rear two tyres all for a handsome £126. Even with them kindly washing the car (free of charge naturally) I made it to the test just 1 minute late (for which I apologised profusely)."

All fixed up it was nor down to Joe to change his fortune:

"Given that my morning had far from got off to the start I had anticipated, I am pleased to say I didn't just pass the test. I managed to get a first, even on a drive that frankly was far from my best."

We were eager to hear how the story concluded and thankfully Joe got back in contact to let us know that not only was he able to make his test but he aced it! Well done Joe, what a great end to a challenging day for you. In his own words:

   "MASSIVE smily face...carry on"

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