Toyota York to the rescue

Here at Toyota York we love to hear great feedback from our valued customers. It's heartening to hear when your actions have helped someone in the process of picking out their new car or being there to help when problems arise. We like to think that our team go the extra mile to make sure that people return to us time and time again as we love to build strong relationships with our customers. 

With permission from Ms Adby, we'd like to share with you a recent occurrence where the team were able to help turn a bad situation around for a customer when they were in need of assistance. Julie has been a customer at Toyota York for quite a few years and we're always happy to hear from her. On this occasion it was Mark Chapman who received a phone call from Ms Adby.

Unfortunately, the tyre on her car had burst after driving over a kerb. Anyone who has been in this situation before will appreciate how upsetting this can be and particularly unnerving if you are on your own. Instead of calling her roadside assistance company she took the decision to ring us here at Toyota York for advice. 

Mark, leapt into action and organised for team member, Colin Cross, to come out to rescue Julie. Sadly, Julie suffers from Parkinson's disease and as a result had become quite shaky. She was really relieved to have the assistance of the centre and particularly relieved by the sensitivity that the team showed towards her.

The team changed the wheel for her at the road side allowing her to follow Colin back to the dealership at Clifton Moor. Our service team then arranged for the tyre to be changed properly and Julie was impressed by the speed that they managed to do this in as well as the reasonable price.

Julie said:

   “My experience of the staff at this garage has always been consistent. The staff are polite, genuine, helpful, courteous, and prompt.”

We’re happy to be able to continue to help Ms Adby in any way we can, as with all of our customers. We feel very proud of the fact that our team managed to help resolve Ms Adby’s car troubles and get her back on the road quickly to minimise the impact that this unavoidable event was having. 



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