Where's the fire? We get a visit from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue returned to Vantage Toyota York recently to carry out their hybrid vehicle training recently. Although the Fire Service do provide in class training they also like their teams to experience the vehicles in a hands-on environment.

Colin Cross (Workshop Controller at Toyota York) led the Fire service around the brand-new Prius in our showroom.

The reason that the Fire service undertake this specialist training is that there is a special process that must be followed to isolate the hybrid system, in the case of an incident, due to the high voltages that hybrid vehicles use. They would need to do this if they were having to cut the vehicles open to ensure their own safety as well as anyone trapped in the car and passers-by.

The participants got to try out the lovely big specialist gloves that must be worn when handling Hybrids during the training and the whole session took around 45 minutes with about 20 firemen in attendance.

Hybrid vehicles are of course just as safe as a conventional vehicle indeed there are lots of safety features built into hybrid vehicles to prevent injury to occupants and emergency responders:

   “proper training and understanding of hybrid technology make them one of the smaller issues with which the fire service must contend. I drive a hybrid and am not concerned that I am placing myself, my family, or my fellow firefighters in unnecessary danger.” (Jason D Emery, www.fireengineering.com )

We loved having the Fire Service with us for the day and hope to see them again soon. Make sure you check out the hybrid range at Vantage Toyota York. Our team will be more than happy to go through the technology with you and answer any questions that you may have about these amazing vehicles. 


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